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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

Comparative Status of the Research to existing Technologies

The technologies in competition to the Aulrofem medication are basically sexed semen technologies. But they stand nowhere as compared to Aulprofem in comparative ratings as discussed below under following headings:

1.Drawbacks of sexed semen techniques
2.Advantages of Aulprofem over sexed semen techniques
3.Commercial advantages of Aulprofem

1. Drawbacks of sexed semen techniques:
The production of sexed semen techniques are still in the mire of controversial standing as commented by Hunter, ”Spermatozoa are haploid cells possessing only half the usual number of chromosomes for the species, and there is no evidence that haploid, as distinct from diploid cells, express their genetic constitution in surface characteristics. This being the case, it is difficult to imagine, how chemical ,electrical or bio-physical separation of X or Y spermatozoa might be obtained”(Hunter,R.H.F.1982Reproduction of Farm Animals. Longman. London.138-139.
Further in the absence of any testing parameters to ascertain the accuracy of percentage separation of X or Y spermatozoa, it is it is difficult to believe the truth of separated X or Y spermatozoa as pointed by Hafez,” Experimental attempts have been hampered by the lack of laboratory tests to evaluate the degree of sperm separation” (Hafez, E.S.E.1987.Reproduction in Farm Animals. 5TH Edn . Reprint. Lea and Fabiger. Philadelphia. P 501.
Some other drawbacks of the sexed semen techniques are as under:

1. Poor conception rate
2.Congenital defects
4.Difficulty in transportation and handling
5.Controversial standing

2. Advantages of Aulprofem over sexed semen techniques:
Almost all drawbacks of presently used sexed semen techniques can be overcome with the application of Aulprofem and superiority of this over other techniques is obvious as discussed under following headings:
Un-affected conception rate
Congenitally compatible
Economically affordable
Easy transport and handling
Stability and optimum storage conditions
3.Commercial applications of Aulprofem:
Aulprofem is such a miraculous formula that is applicable in many animals and in this way various commercial advantages of it can be discussed as follows:

1. Increased milk production: As applicable to dairy animals Aulprofem can be instrumental in increasing milk production to unprecedented heights in India and worldwide. Just to discuss an example: India has an animal wealth of nearly 300 million dairy animals ; cows and buffaloes( nearly 210 million cows and 90 million buffaloes). If a meager 1% of them are taken for the application of Aulprofem every year at a cost of Rs.295 per dose, totaling to 88.5 crores of rupees. This will give rise to9.0 lakh more female calves per year, keeping in view the nearly 35-40% national conception failure rate . Provided this phenomenon is continued for a minimum of 10 years, and keeping in mind 20% calf morality rate and 30% more general mortality ; this will mean 50.40 lakh more female animals annually at the end of such an exercise. So, keeping in mind a conservative 5 liters of milk per day per animal on an average , this means 252.0 lakh liters of more milk per day . Calculated at a rate of rupees 15 per liter , this amounts to rupees 3780 lakhs or 37.80 crores daily or 13797.0 crore rupees annually, more in the GDP of India. This is an increase of 15589 %. By no means, this is a smaller achievement! If this application is increased to say 10 percent, then the corresponding increases in GDP of India can be understood accordingly. On a simplistic estimate this means that we will be getting back Rs. 1,37,970 crores back from Aulprofem in the form of increase in annual GDP of India by spending only a small amount of Rs. 885 crores per annum. This is not short of revolutionizing the entire agricultural economy of India!!
2. Boost to meat production: Similarly , on the lines of increasing milk production , there ca be effected a tremendous meat production by selective, exotic breeding in case of meat producing species like pigs, goats, etc.
3. Boost to wool production : Aulprofem can effect major increase in wool production if it can be applied on sheep on a large scale nationally and internationally.
4. Zygote labeling no more: With Aulprofem in use, the expensive practices like zygote labeling and zygote discarding etc. will no more be needed.
5. Developing exotic breeds of dogs, cats, horses etc.: The developing of exotic breeds of above mentioned and other related species of mammals can be made far more easier and practical with the help of Aulprofem.

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