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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

Other Research Projects
Other than conducting research on Aulprofem we have been conducting research on certain other research projects at various degrees of progress and two of them need mention here as they have reached very advanced stages of development. They are as follows:
1. Discovery of a GIT drug : A drug very effective in Gastrointestinal tract infections was discovered in our institute in 1996 and the series of experiments have proved its efficacy , consistency and accuracy. It is totally non-heavy metal and obviously does not produce bad metallic taste in mouth. The drug is very effective when administered alone and also in combination therapy with antibiotics like Norfloxacin , Ciprofloxacin etc. There are the residual spectroscopic analysis of this drug pending and we hope to complete them soon.
2. Rabies Non-Vaccine Drug : The experiments on a supper ambitious drug research project are underway with us. This research project gains special importance as it involves the development of a drug therapy technique in virus related diseases as compared to traditional vaccine techniques which have proved not much effective against virus so far.. This is definitely bound to open new fields of drug research against virus. Medical science of today has virtually proved a helpless non-performer against virus and this research will definitely open a new armored onslaught against virus. The world frightened to the core by diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Dengue and the likes ,will be a relieved one when this research will be completed and humanity will then be very close to putting the ultimate war against virus to its most desirable finish i.e. the final victory over AIDS, Hepatitis and the likes. Definitely , this will be a true contribution to the spirit of medical profession, ethics and drugs research ranging throughout all the ages!

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