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Miracles of Aulprofem
Cure for Corona
Discovery of Aulprofem
The Dawn of a New Era
Technical Status of the Research
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Research to existing Technologies
Market Scope and Potential
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Cow Sibling Slaughter Prevention
Nobel Prize for India
About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

Nobel Prize for India
Nowhere in the entire history of mankind has there been a single anecdote that a great milestone applied research has been embedded with a sound commercial project. A research able to effect major changes in basic sciences and connected to a most noble cause of saving countless , innocent infantile cow siblings from dreadful clutches of death . Aulprofem is such a discovery and such a commercial concern! This can and will definitely rise to the level of a Nobel Prize, not because it has offered the most solid base for dethroning the mightiest Chromosomal Theory of Determination of Sex but also that it will lay the foundation for rapidest progress of nations that are poor and agro-based and have dairy and milk cattle to support their innumerable poverty ridden, half or total hungry masses . Let God bless them out of their poverty with the most nutritious diet on Earth; the milk, in the form of power of Aulprofem! And the same God bless India with its 2nd Nobel Prize in Science, yearning for which there already have passed a diamond jubilee of years, all in vain and thirst of the best glory of the world, the Nobel Prize in Science.

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