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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

Mechanism of Action
This entire study is based solely on practical and experimental data and most probably the theoretical justification that will explain this hitherto new scientific phenomenon will follow in the near future to come . The most important point in this entire experimental schedule has been the consistent 100% success ratio and the un altered conception rate . These two observations lead logically to only one conclusion that the chances of Y-bearing sperms to combine with the ovum are being almost entirely wiped out. There may be that the material is acting by a mechanism that is rendering it impossible for the Y- bearing sperm to combine with the ovum and allowing only the combination of X-bearing spermatozoa. The action is so much complete and hundred percent that it appears that the entire chances of binding of Y-bearing sperms with ova are wiped out The accuracy with which the entire process is effected is such that it sounds so much appropriate to conclude that there are different binding sites on the body of the ovum for the Y- and X- bearing sperms. And the material wipes out all the chances of Y- bearing sperms to combine to their respective binding sites and allows the otherwise only possible combination of X-bearing spermatozoa with the ovum . The exact mechanism and by which this entire process takes place will at best be revealed in future studies as at present it is a new discovery and much work will be done in the coming years by other workers and the various intermediate steps and compounds that are involved in this selective binding and play important parts in this entire process will be known after further studies on this subject.

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