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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

About the Discovery of Aulprofem
Aulprofem is a sex assignment and determination dug. Sex determination is the process of ascertaining the sex of the off-springs in zygote ,embryo or fetus stage with the help of techniques like amniocentesis, ultra-sound scan etc. Sex-selection is the process of selecting one particularly sexed (either male or female ) zygotes, embryos, or fetuses and saving and keeping them and rejecting and destroying the other type. A point here to note is that sex-selection is possible only when sex –determination has already been done. Sex pre assignment and determination is the process of deciding in advance as to which sexed zygotes will be conceived in future and conditions are so adjusted that only the particularly sexed zygotes and hence, off-springs are produced and even the possibility of conceiving and subsequent birth of off-springs of the other type is altogether ruled out. This process is also called Sex-Fixing.
The discovery of Aulprofem belongs to the third category. Hence, it can also be called a sex fixer drug.

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