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The Background of Discovery

Cow Sibling Slaughter Prevention Campaign
World’s biggest, beastardly and barbaric genocide is brewing just under our very nose. 10 to 15 million male calves are done to death in India every year because they are born in this world as males instead of being born as females and male calves are no longer needed in this era of farm mechanization. They are not liked by their dairy owner masters as they consume as their birth-right the commercial commodity milk from their mothers, the same milk that could be sold to fetch money. They are subjected to unbearable , torturous deaths, worse than the crucification in the following ways:
1. Luckiest amongst the killed calves are those who are suffocated to death just after birth to fetch more money for their nascent and un-infected skin to be used as comparatively costlier leather.
2. In the hot scorching winds of May –June, when the whole world rests in the cool environs of air-conditioners, coolers and fans, those new-born calves are pegged outsides in the burning sun , so that they are sun-stroked to death.
3. In the chilling cold of December-January, the calves are pegged out in the open throughout the long snowy nights so that they are frozen to death by the before dawn.
4. Rest of the calves are subjected to the most heinous and un-tolerable death ever reported in history – the total starvation to death. Most of the calves are destined this tortuous end which sometimes prolongs to several weeks.
A society or a nation where such a cruel holocaust goes unabated , does not deserve to be called a civilized society or a nation. The humans living in such a society definitely lose their precious right to be called humans.
So, it is one of the prime objects for us all involved in this magnificent project of Aulprofem to wage a relentless war against this un-natural, man’s greed generated holocaust .A point here to note is that the metabolic steroid of OXYTOCIN facilitates this holocaust as it becomes possible to milk the cow by injecting this biological poison to the animal at the time of milking. This hormone’s metabolites even pass through the circulatory system of the animal to its milk and same milk is drunk by the humans , including children and adults , thereby poisoning their body systems to varying levels. This OXTOCIN injection was banned by the Indian government in the year 2002 but due to the all prevalent corruption in the drug control department and the drug inspectors occupied in the sole objective of minting money by corrupt means, that this nefarious injection is available in almost all drug and grocery stores throughout India. Hence, we all should strive to put this evil practice to end. This no doubt , will be a most pious cause if achieved.

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