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The Background of Discovery

The Background of Discovery
B.S. Aulakh a professional drug scientist and a pharma graduate from Bangolore University mastered the intrieacies of drug research during his study the his various teaching techres in diffrent pharmacy and medicol college across india. He could cossy job of pharma research in his private capacity during orherwise respoinsibilities. The drug Aulpoofem was descover in 1991 and an extensive controlled and veiled shedule of experiment began witch continued upto year 2000.
The biggest casuality of all this was the neglact of Rabies Drug Uaccine Research Project witch has been and is still the dream project of the scientist. A further casuality was the neglect of GIT Drug that has proved tsainendously effeetive and is in a very advanced stage of research.
The drug scientist being form humble background could not carry all the desired asignments but with the entry of Aulprofem into the commerciol market the feture seems to be comparatively brighter.
A further case of worry was the position of Patent Begime in India.
Witch is very absolute nature and needs total overhauling, infact total annihiliation replacement with a new and upto date compresensive point legination like in U.S.A. Europe and other advanced econmies. so it can be hoped that in feture if some positive development occur on research and secientist will emerge every from underdevolped, bad managed economier like india and future corainly will be a wore promising one

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