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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

Aulprofem- Benefits to society other than commercial gains
Aulprofem is such a discovery that is bound to revolutionize human thought and imagination beyond consideration like a ny other great scientific discovery. Apart from providing commercial and economic benefits to society, it will have numerous other benefits as well:
1. A new chapter in Biological Research : Manipulation of mammalian sex ratios , behavior of chromosomes in sex determination in genotypic and phenotypic manifestations, advent and role of factors other than chromosomal ones in the processes involving sex determination and expression in embryos, fetuses etc., all being mega questions , will definitely be asking for newer explanations in the light of revelations of new type with the advent of discovery of Aulprofem on the scene. The scientific geniuses of tomorrow will be confronted with these questions and they will have to answer these queries . This will definitely open new vistas of scientific thinking, practice and applications and many new chapters in biological research will be opened.
2. Victory of Femaleness : Production of female sex in animals as well in humans with the help of Aulprofem definitely means nothing other than the victory of femaleness over male sex in human world dominated by masculine thought and practice. This will go a long way in establishing the long overdue respect for feminity and motherhood in the otherwise estranged world today where female ness is looked down upon and considered a drawback.
3. Ensuring families of choice-Man doing the Godly act: Aulprofem being a female sex fixer can be the best precursor to the production of a male sex fixer drug. This will enable almost every human inhabitor of the world to have a child of his choice and as the new mindset and trend goes by almost across the globe, every human being will have off-springs of his choice; usually a boy and a girl and it will only be fools and sycophants who will produce more children or children of a particular sex and everybody will be happy having a boy and a girl – commonly called a complete family.
4. Population Control : As discussed in 3. if everybody can have a child of his choice i.e. a boy and a girl , then nobody will go on producing more children and population will be automatically controlled. Even after the discovery of a male sex fixer drug, which can be banned also; the male off-spring crazy people like the ones feared existing in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan etc. likely producing a lot of male children will automatically be acting as checks on population as males in turn cannot produce off-springs even if they are in great numbers.
5. Revolutionizing Human Thought and Mind : Discovery of Aulprofem will definitely ignite the imagination and thinking of human mind worldwide like other great discoveries of last century like discovery of X-rays, discovery of Penicillin, Discovery of Radio-activity, discoveries of atomic spectrum etc.

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