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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

About the Research-Aulprofem
The discovery of the drug producing female off-springs in mammals was discovered in 1991 at the research farm of Gregor Mendel Institute for Research in Genetics at Gurdaspur, Punjab. Depending upon the highly remunerative and secretive nature of pharmaceutical research that today this field is, there were numerous hurdles in the way of this path breaking mega discovery . The main obstacle was Soviet style national scientific bureaucratic functioning that still prevails and dominates the scene in India and is the greatest hurdle in the way of genuine scientific research work that can be done in India. But fortunately, the mammoth project got underway and we were able to identify the active-constituents involved and patent was filed. This drug can increase the milk, meat and wool etc. production across the globe many times and revolutionize the agro based economies of most developing nations of the world. This will be the greatest achievement against poverty, hunger, mal-nutrition in a short span of time to come and a true contribution from a scientist from a country that is plagued with these problems.

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