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Miracles of Aulprofem
Cure for Corona
Discovery of Aulprofem
The Dawn of a New Era
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About the Research- Aulprofem

The Background of Discovery

This discovery of Aulprofem has in the real sense dawned an era of sex fixing in the world. The future of Biology in general and Reproductive Physiology in particular is definitely the Sex Fixing. The effect of this research is bound to be such that not only there will be changes in the structure and functioning of future society but it will have profound effects on the ways,                                                                                  More...
        Miracles of Aulprofem
Gregor Mendel Institute for Research in Genetics ( GMIRG ), is basically engaged in research in basic sciences including Genetics and Biology. Today being an era of Biotechnology , a special reference is laid on drugs research. So, it turned out that a set of experiments designed to evaluate some newer and simpler drug formulations yielded some wonderful results in the form of a drug formula that manipulated sex ratios in dairy animals with a near total success ratio.                                             More...
         Discovery of Aulprofem
Aulprofem is a sex assignment and determination dug. Sex determination is the process of ascertaining the sex of the off-springs in zygote ,embryo or fetus stage with the help of techniques like amniocentesis, ultra-sound scan etc. Sex-selection is the process of selecting one particularly sexed (either male or female ) zygotes, embryos, or fetuses and saving and keeping them and rejecting and destroying the other type. A point here to note is that                                                         More...


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